Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Tips for renting Bansko accommodation

I've done it myself, you're looking where to stay for you precious vacation, decide on the resort, maybe even found some cheap flights and then you hit the internet looking for the right apartment. Then onto the next task - your Bansko accommodation. Choices: Hotel or apartment - closer to town, cheaper, facilities, quieter, gondola location well you know how it goes. You send send out a few emails, check availability prices etc then book.

The problem here is that if you go for a Bansko apartment direct from the owner you should now be thinking aahh yes, what's the deal? You see, unlike a hotel, there are often quite big differences from what is included from one apartment owner to another or one development to another:

So here are my tips for owners and renters. Do please post your comments at the bottom:

1/ Make sure you sign a contract. If you are either an owner or a renter I will happily send you mine. Just add your name and email on this site and when your email address is confirmed send me your request.

2/ Total rental amount - put it in the contract

3/ Security deposit - put it in the contract

4/ Terms and methods of payment - put it in the contract

5/ Cancellation terms - put it in the contract

6/ House Rules, like no smoking, no pets - put them in the contract

7/ Cleaning. Is it included - if not what are the charges? Is there a light clean during the stay?

8/ Other utilities, electricity, wood for log fire, on site facility charges - e.g ski storage, spa

9/ Instructions for equipment, like the heater, satellite TV

10/ Address, phone numbers of owner, address of property and contact in resort in case of emergency or maintenance.

Finally make sure you understand arrangements for picking up key and have got clear directions... reminds me of a certain TV comedy in Portugal staying in the wrong property.

Do this and your chances of having very satisfied Bansko apartment renter and apartment owner are much improved.

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