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Bansko Blog Live

Bansko Blog is now live at After a survey of existing subscribers, the new site is designed to deliver the information anyone interested in Bansko will need.

After 80 posts here, site visitors had steadily climbed to such an extent that a new site with web cams, advanced search facility was required. What's more I needed an easier to read text - so new site has black on white text.

Just since November over 4,000 people have viewed this site from 63 countries. Check out new site with up to date news, tips and reviews here.

Nearly 200 people have joined the site and receive regular updates.

Just click on the logo or click here to go to the new site.

Thank you for making this the biggest Bansko blog on the internet. The online authority for Bansko.

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PS: Cheapest accommodation guarantee now launched

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow In Bansko. Hot In UK

Still snowing fall in Bansko which now means almost guaranteed perfect ski conditions for at least the next week. Should be perfect for the Women's Slalom event next weekend.

Well I have been enjoying sunny Britain. Today was just beautiful and, a tenuous connection with Bansko, meant that I could get my paraglider out and go flying. Wonderful thermals up to around 1,300 feet (400 metres approx) and fine views. See picture taken just a few hours ago.

I even managed to find time to take a short video. see below.

Which brings me to paragliding in Bansko. If you fancy a tandem flight its something well worth doing. I know several of the Bulgarian tandem guys and I would have no hesitation recommending them. However I have to add that not all ski insurance policies automatically cover tandem paragliding flights.

Bansko got some good publicity for its cost in the UK press this weekend. But I have to point out that Bansko has more than its fair share of traps for the unwary.

One reader mentioned I was a little negative when reporting on the traps. Saying that other places are the same. Problem is yes a few are, I agree. But I would prefer that we all avoid the traps and that visitors get a realistic view of Bansko rather than marketing spin. but thanks point taken!

Enjoy your season, wherever you go.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Owners Say: Bansko Property For Sale

Are you a property owner in Bansko? Judging by the site members survey, an active part of the Bansko Blog readership is from Bansko property owners. And you asked me, how do I sell my property?

Read on to see how this question got me thinking. And how renting may be the way forward to sell property - not just in Bansko, but any overseas property.

Why Not Try Before You Buy?

When I was in the market for a new car, a good few years back, I undertook the following process. I looked at the internet, read the specifications, ordered a few glossy brochures.

But I still didn’t do anything.

Then I arranged a test drive of the two types of car I wanted to buy. This was when the real fun came. The Toyota dealer just took my drivers licence and let me go and play on the country roads. Well if I was uncertain then, I was completely convinced now.

It was the Celica for me, and the decision to buy urgently was made.

What Went Right, And What Went Wrong

Now, I was pretty ecstatic and was looking to place my order. I had armed myself with internet prices, imports from Holland etc. The problem was my local dealership couldn’t get the price close to their competition.

Why was I going to spend over £3,000 more for the pleasure of buying locally? They all come from the same factory and had near identical spec. So the test drive worked well because I bought the Celica. But it went wrong for the dealer because he didn’t get my business - except for many years of servicing.

Property Sales: Rent Before You Buy

So it occurred to me how sensible it is for owners to rent their property when resales are very competitive. If they are looking to sell sometime in the future, then this is a strategy I recommend. This is because they can most effectively market to people when they are at their most receptive to buying the lifestyle. When they are relaxed and on holiday.

I would therefore advise those who are not sure about renting to think about it, and think about taking control of the process.

The Bansko Guide To Renting

To help you, I am still in the process of putting a rental guide together which will include an offer to rent on this site and another. All rentals go to you and you develop the relationship with the renter.

For owners that it can be very rewarding when people email you back thanking you for the wonderful holiday they have had. and also useful getting their comments for improvement.

And when you come to sell, then you have a database of potential clients to market to directly and you may find that more and more.

If you are an owner, please be sure to register today to receive the guide. I expect this will prove very popular and will be full of helpful tips on how best to set about renting. If you have any comments on your experience of renting in Bansko, or overseas generally - then do please comment below.

SNOW !!! Lots OF IT

2.25 metres at the top. More due tomorrow.

PS. More snow in Bansko as I type. The next few weeks will be really good on the mountain. Check out accommodation here - email for lowest price on the net.

Coming out in after the ski season? Then take advantage of the special offer Euro 29 per night deal here.

All rates come with a Guaranteed lowest or we match. Please check out new site Easier to read and improving all the time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap Bansko Accommodation; Guaranteed!

Cheap Bansko rooms to rent. Guaranteed cheapest. From just €12 per person per night.

I finally have started the new site and I thought what better way to celebrate than offering a guarantee that I can offer the cheapest accommodation.

So for a limited time for visitors from 1st May the pricing will be as follows:
Spacious two bedroom apartment 200m from gondola with large sitting room and bedrooms.. well click here for all the details.

Apartment Price:

1 to 2 people
: €29 per night
3 to 4 people
: €34 per night

Extra person on sofa bed €9 per night. To book just email me your dates and pay on arrival.

No catches.

I GUARANTEE To Match The Price If You Find Cheaper

If you find an apartment on the web that is more than 80m2 gross area in size within 300m from the Gondola Station, built within the last five years - then I will immediately refund the difference if you notify me within 14 days of booking.

No Quibble Guarantee

Cleaning must be included.

It's a great time to get away enjoy mountain air - or tour the area. Or inspect your own apartment's progress. Sort out snagging or furniture. It's now affordable to get out there and make sure you get it right.

Check out amazing car hire deals and transfers by clicking here or joining the mailing list to get the latest news and reviews.

PS: Still some dates in ski season. Email for best price. I will ensure you get the best deal possible on the internet.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prank Call By 8 Year Old. Have A Laugh

Nothing About Bansko today. Just an fabulous prank call audio.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Which Bulgarian Wine And Beer Is Best?

It’s not widely recognized that Bulgaria produces world class wine. They fail to hit the price points for exporting quality wine.

But fear not, when in Bulgaria you will be spoilt for choice.

Tip: Chardonnay and Muscat (Muscadet) seem to be the best white wines (check out Menada’s Trinity white wine).

The top 20 wines for the Bulgarian Wine of the Year 2008 were (in alphabetical order): Those in bold I have tried, and like a lot!

Chateau de Val Cuvee Trophy 2006 (Chateau de Val)
Encore 2007 (Katarzyna Estate)
Enira Reserva 2006 (Bessa Valley)
Levent Grand Selection chardonnay 2007 (VK Rousse)
Levent Grand Selection 2006 (VK Rousse)
Maxxima Private Reserva 2003 (Maxxima Cellars)
Minkov Brothers Cuvee 2007 (Sis Industries)
Nobile Rubin 2006 (Logodaj)
Question Mark 2007 (Katarzyna Estate)
Roto 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Rubaiyat chardonnay 2006 (Vinex Preslav)
Santa Sarah BIN41 merlot 2007 (Santa Sarah)
Santa Sarah Privat 2006 (Santa Sarah)
Santa Sarah Snow Wine 2005 (Santa Sarah)
Solitaire Elenovo merlot 2006 (Domaine Boyar)
Terra Tangra Cuvee 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Terra Tangra Grand Reserva 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Uniqato Rubin 2006 (Damianitza) Via Diagonalis 2007 (Kastra Rubra)
Vinissimo American Barrel 2006 (Rachev & Son).

For 2009, try Maxxima and No Man’s Land is consistently excellent. It’s affordable and sold in Bansko supermarkets.

For every day wine, Telish and Mezeek in a box with the equivalent to four bottles is perfect for apartment ski holiday red wine drinking in Metro, they both cost just 17 lev (€8.50 approx). That’s €2.25 per botthle. Stunning value for a wine of this quality


Shumensko (begins with a "W" in Cyrillic), Zagorka, Pirinsko, Tuborg, Kamenitsa are my favourites in that order.

Do try the dark "Stolichno" beer for a good strong flavour.

Get more like this. register for latest February Bansko Blog Guide. Get ready for new site.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Enter The Bankso Blog Photo And Video Competition?

The Bansko Blog photo and video competition is now open.

Go to:

The Bansko Blog photo competition is now open. On 1st April 2009 the nominations the top 10 photos and top 3 videos will be put forward to the final Bansko Blog Winter Photo Competition Prize - 2009.

The winner will be decided by a panel of judges selected from Blog subscribers.

Your photos and /or videos can be from anywhere in the Razlog valley and can be manipulated, enhanced, photoshopped etc.

The winner is the photo with most votes and will receive a free Bansko Blog T shirt. The winning video will also receive a Bansko Blog T shirt.

The top 10 entrants must agree for their photo and top 3 Video entrants to be published on my web site.

Your photos and videos could have been taken at any time in the past 5 years.

So post your photos and video to this group and thank you in advance for taking part. I am sure we will all enjoy looking at the entrants

Thank You, Lance

PS: None of my pictures can win, of course.

Are you a property owner, resident or visitor? Then be sure to join the blog to be kept up to date on all things Bansko. New February Guide updated from recent feedback.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alberto Tomba and Balkaniada Shut Due To World Cup

Rain and above freezing temperatures come to Bansko.

Temperatures will drop this week but ski and board visitors may be a little disappointed to see some of the best runs, nine and four closed until end of February.

I maintain that the month of March from around the 5th or so, is a great time to come out to Bansko. Most runs will be open - assuming temperatures remain low.

There is no doubt that whilst the Alps have had the best year for probably fifteen years, Bansko is having an average year so far.

But we all know that weather changes and my bet is that, as almost always, Bansko sees some perfect snow conditions during the months of March and April.

Budget conscious skiers are discovering the joys of Bansko. But, and I don't want to preach, I'm still hearing many tales of both regulars and new visitors alike getting ripped off.

A quick thank you to all subscribers for their feedback to the survey. Already the plans have changed and that is a a good thing.

Join now for the new updated February 2009 Bansko Blog Guide. It's Free, of course.

And the Bansko Blog Guide is bang up to date on the best places to eat, places to avoid and many tips on getting the best out of Bansko.

The new guide has even more great tips ways from blog readers that help to make Bansko a better place to both visit, own and live in.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bansko Ski Conditions

Bansko ski conditions have been good in the morning but snow has been getting heavy due to the warmer temperatures than expected at this time of the year.

Not the best - and not as good as the Alps this year. 135cm of snow on upper slopes is still fine. Many visitors are reported to be very happy with conditions.

But for so many visitors I am missing the point talking about snow. A mixture of adequate skiing, modern lifts, great nightlife, varied and affordable restaurant scene, spacious accommodation makes Bansko a compelling offering in these economic times.

Bansko is more than the sum of its parts. That's why more experienced skiers enjoy it more than they should.

Property owners are making an increasing number of our subscribers, and the redesigned website will have an owners area with free sample contract download. This will be sent to all subscribers in a few weeks.

Advance warning for owners.

The new web site will have a rental section with a difference.

Back to the pistes...Too many runs are closed in preparation for events. If I was choosing a time to go to Bansko - then I suggest leaving it until around 7th March. Oh for the curse of school holidays!

Bansko is a resort under construction, and like everywhere in the world there are huge environmental assessments to be made before extending the ski terrain. I reckon they will get there with more lifts - but this is a decision that goes way beyond local government decision making.

For now, its an affordable resort to visit. Nirvana will never exist - but there this year reports are more upbeat than last year. Great boarding and skiing to be had - on a nice and new lift system on some truly satisfying terrain. And no longer quite the building site of last year.

Probably the most demanding of clinets are the regulars, the owners and those with vested interests. We all wish Bansko well. But this is the place where I say how I see it. My view changes but most of all the desire is to get the best value, Tomorrow I will give pass on a tip in the Banso guide for subscribers. This tip has just saved a reader a whole load of cash. Stayed tuned. Best of all join the Bankso Blog and receive regular updates. Visitor, resident and property owner alike I welcome your comments.

If you want the best snow right now - then head for the Alps. Lift pass price is more but often you get four times the mount of ski piste. Like a party, got a family to pay for, on a tight budget. Then why not give Bansko a try this year?

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Birthday Bansko Snow Offer

Today is my birthday. To celebrate the superb Bansko skiing conditions and the amazing snow falls in England today, I am offering a Bansko room booking SPECIAL OFFER!

Fancy a ski weekend or ski midweek? A recent visitor said she felt so much better after getting fresh air, exercise and beating those winter blues.

Imagine relaxing in your home from home after a great days out in the snow. Take a jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath.

How about a massage to relax those weary muscles?

It's all here. And all at a price that cannot be beaten for location and space.

Fancy a meal out or cook in? You choose.

Why not enjoy a candlelit evening in with a glass of wine?
Or perhaps take a rest in the afternoon, and rock to a live band at the Happy End Bar, like the one above which was playing the other night, on a Friday or Saturday night at the Happy End Bar.

Dance by the podium dancers - male versions also do their thing.

Or go check out the Snow Dogs at the Friendly Bar or watch the latest sports event on Sky at the Lion Bar and restaurant. All these are less than 5 minutes walk from the apartment building.

Or why not hit one of the many clubs such as Oxygene, Club Leglo, Graphite, Party Place, Payner in the centre of town?

Don't ski? Then stroll around the historic town, shop or take a coffee. Or why not try ice skating at the new ice skating ring just 70 metres away?

You pay €60 per night for all of March and April for 2 bedroom apartment with large sitting room and just two minutes walk to the lift.

That's just €30 per night per person with two people sharing per night. Offer subject to availability and will end 20th February

No need for reservation, just pay on arrival.

Includes cleaning, all bedding and towels.
Apartments equipped with CD, TV and DVD's for all the family.

Email me now on now


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bansko Blog Draw Video

Bansko Blog Draw from Lance Nelson on Vimeo.

The winner of the Bansko Blog draw is announced. Click play on video above for the Burns night draw.

Congratulations to Giorgos, from Greece and hope he and his friends/family visit Bansko soon to enjoy the superb snow conditions right now.

And of course I wish him happy holidays for his whole weeks' stay at the fabulous two bedroom apartment close to the gondola. Click here to read what others have said about this apartment.

Thank you to the legendary and witty, Chris Denham and Ivanka for conducting the draw using a "Jimmy hat" in Bansko during the Burns night supper held at Richard's apartment.

See below for Chris's recital of Robert Burns and the addressing of the Haggis.

Bansko Burns Night from Lance Nelson on Vimeo.

The €25 from Giorgos for 7 nights in two bedroom apartment will be matched by me and €50 donated to charity.

An interesting point for me, was that we had so few people from Bulgaria entering. On enquiring why, it appears many believe most competitions are fixed or corrupt and many thought "where's the catch?". The video proves there is no catch.

The draw was totally random.

I hope this goes some way to change attitudes from the many Bulgarian visitors to this site.

Anyhow, back to the Burns night supper. None of us were Scottish except Lynne, a snowboarder and apartment owner from Glasgow who joined us for the evening with Ed (an American ski enthusiast living in China). She refused my accompanying red wine gravy (or as I prefer, my 'jus') in accordance with Burns Night tradition. No offense taken, Lynne.

Thanks again to Chris (below left) for presenting the draw
and to Richard (below far right) for hosting this memorable Burns supper party.

Finally let's not forget Leroy. He tell me he has never seen such photo graphic attention. His smile says it all.

...and he tells me he has become a big fan of Bansko. His second trip saw him progress more with good friends Paul, Jonny and Stuart.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bansko Gets St Moritz Ladies Downhill On 27th Feb

The canceled ladies downhill from St. Moritz has been rescheduled today to Bansko (BUL) and will take place on Friday, Feb. 27th at 12:00 LOC (11:00 CET).

Training runs at both Kitzbuel and Cortina were canceled this morning, both due to falling snow. Organizers later extended the cancellations through tomorrow.

At Cortina there were 25inches on the ground at 6:30 am, with forecasts calling for another 25, prompting the cancellation of Thursday’s super G.

More information regarding rescheduling the super G will be announced on Thursday. Friday and Saturday's downhills, as well as Sunday's giant slalom will take place as scheduled.

At Kitzbuel officials made the call about 9:30. Racers were out for inspection but it was snowing too heavily to get the training run in.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Euro Pound Rate: Fix Your Bansko Holiday In UK Pounds Now

Yesterday I had yet another accommodation enquiry from a Romanian couple and another from a Greek family.

The question was the same. "Your prices are in UK Pounds, can I freeze the euro price now?" The answer was the same: Yes you can fix now and secure your exchange rate benefit. Freeze accommodation price now.
Whilst it lasts.

  • €12 per person per night here
  • Goldman Sachs are predicting €1=£0.8 in a matter of WEEKS.
  • The UK pound has strengthened to €1 = £88.7 (or 1.125 euros = £1 )
  • No euro pound parity!
  • UK is not the only sick man of europe.
  • With currencies there's always one winner and one loser.
  • If you are outside the UK. book your accommodation with me TODAY
  • great snow in Bansko - come and bring your friends too.

We take euros and we fix your booking in EUROS on reservation for ALL non UK guests!

If you have UK pounds, then Bulgaria is getting cheaper (not that its expensive, or anything).

BUT here's the thing Bansko and Bulgaria will probably get even more affordable very soon IF the pound strengthens further against the euros (the local LEV is pegged to the Euro)

Please contact me for a deal on ODD DAYS, WEEKENDS. Two NIGHT STAYS FROM JUST £30 per night (€35 approx). for two people!

TIP: When changing money to Levs in Bansko use the proper Bansko. Rates are very poor from the small booths around the town and close to the lift.

Be sure to join Bansko Blog for 5% discount.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just 4 Days To Go Till Closing Time

A Bansko apartment to rent for €25 for seven nights. Date To close extended to 18th January. Your chance to have an amazing winter holiday for yourself and up to four friends in luxury in Mountain Residence 3.

  • Mountain Residence 3 is very close to gondola lift
  • get up and enjoy deserted pistes like the picture above
  • Not into boarding or skiing?
  • Less than 10 minutes to Bansko old town square.

Enjoy Bankso just to relax, and take in coffee or early evening stroll round the many new shops.

So if you board or ski or fancy Bansko for a breath of fresh air you'll be sure to have a perfect break. And for the chance to have all this for €25. Normally between €250 and €500 per week you could get this for
just €25.

The odds of winning the lottery are 14 million to 1. Enter this draw, at no cost, and it really could be you.

And what's more I will be match your €25 so a useful €50 will be given to The Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa, near Bankso - a great free visitor attraction that relies on contributions to keep its work on a sanctuary for abused "dancing" bears. See video below:

Okay, so what's the catch?

Absolutely none at all. I guarantee this. Just a few conditions:
  • I have to take a €110 refundable deposit for insurance purposes. But the renter gets that back, assuming no damage, on departure.
  • The renter can stay once only - so if 2 or 3 nights are taken, that's it. no more.
  • Usual rental contract must be signed which stipulates no smoking, no boards or skis in apartment.
  • Four people maximum to the apartment
  • There are just three weeks the "prize" cannot be taken one in Feb and one in March and one late April. All other dates will be held free for winner to choose until 27th January.
  • Winner must take up offer by 1st December 09.

To Have a chance of winning, Register now on this page or click here

The draw will take place and be filmed in Bansko on 23rd January. The winner notified by email on the 24th. Winners choose dates to stay in ski season by 27th January. Outside ski season, just check availability 7 days before.

There's is NO CATCH. You don't buy or have to do anything else to win or after the lucky winner wins.

Why Such A Good Offer?

1/ A New Year resolution was to make a charitable effort in '09.

2/ Promote quality apartments to rent at affordable prices.

3/ I want to attract more people to try Bansko.

4/ I also want to accelerate the visitors to this site even more. This will help us all avoid the Bansko Rip-Offs which lie in wait for the unwary.

Just register here or below:

PLUS I'll keep you updated on avoiding the new winter season Bansko Rip-Offs/Bansko Cheats. And you get for free the new winter guide to Bansko. From lessons, retaurants, clubs and money saving tips you'll be glad, like others recently, you got your guide.

Why do I "charge" €25 to the winner?

1/ There was a risk that if it was for free then sthe "winner" may decide not to use the prize.

2/ A little cash for good charity could be raised.

3/ FREE draw can contravene some laws!

So will I receive spam email?

No, absolutely not. This is an email OPT IN system.

All subscribers have to confirm that your email is real before you are registered. You then have total control when to OPT OUT.

I guarantee never to sell or loan you email to other parties. I hate spam.

What do I get as a blog subscriber?

You will receive free occasional Bansko news and Blog updates. Please take a look at the previous entries, and you'll get an idea of the sort of content that will be posted here.

So that's it. Grab the chance to win a €500 per week apartment for €25. No catches. No spam. Just enter you name and email below this article.

So I look forward to announcing the winner and remember:

You Have To Be In It To Win It!

When is the deadline for entering?

Subscribe BEFORE MIDNIGHT 18th January 09 for a chance to win
your week at just €25.

I am already a subscriber - will I be automatically entered?

Yes. Every person already registered will be put in the draw

I have some questions, can I contact you?

Yes, please comment below or, if you would prefer, use contact form on this page.

8 Million Euros For Bansko's Infrastructure

plans to invest 15 million leva (around 7.7 million euro) in infrastructure this year, according to the municipality’s updated plan.

By the end of 2009, the funds will cover the completion of the road between the resort town and the Vihren mountain cabin, as well as the infrastructure of the new parts of the resort – Gramadeto and Asanitsa, the town’s mayor Aleksandar Kravarov told the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik.

“At these places there aren’t even sidewalks yet, and that is why we are making this issue a priority,” Kravarov noted, adding that the resort’s streets will also be fully paved.

The Bansko municipality also plans to construct a 3.2-kilometre summer biathlon run in the area of Banderishka Polyana – the starting point of many of the lifts to the slopes. “Our aim is in 2010 to host the Summer Biathlon World Championship,” Kravarov commented. This would be the second largest sports meeting at the resort, after the Alpine Ski World Cup for women takes place there between February 28 and March 1 of this year.

Early indications point to visitor numbers up by around 8% from last year.

My comment to day on this news is that the change in Bansko has surprised many visitors this year. It feels like there has been a spring clean compared to last year. Many more new roads and pavements and facilities have gone in.

This extra investment on roads and pavements will help put firmly to bed the historic "building site" reputation, the resort had gained.

It is also worth pointing out that Bansko is totally unaffected by the gas supply issues - as there is no natural gas pipe to Bansko and therefore all power supplies are secure. The resort has functioned with the increase in visitors remarkably well.

In particular the new one way system into and out of the gondola parking has been a success. And the additional facilities to host the summer biathlon championship in 2010 is another positive step.

However not all is positive! This season has brought out restaurant touts, supermarket overcharging and therefore places to avoid.

Subscribe to my newsletter and receive free guide to Bansko. Reading it will show you how to get the best out of Bansko. Accommodation draw ends tomorrow. So sign up now for your chance to win a week's accommodation for just €25 (to charity).

Click here for all the details.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Victoria Restaurant In Bansko

The Victoria is situated opposite the Kempinski on Pirin Street. Another new restaurant for the season and this place is set to be one of the most popular.

Victoria is part of a chain and having eaten here in Sofia, I was keen to get back initial reviews.

And they're positive.

If you fancy Italian and you are in this part of town or have children and need an early meal this is the place to seriously consider coming. The prices are very reasonable with a large 500ml beer at 2.5 Lev (€1.5 approx).

With a very nicely finished interior and friendly service, the Victoria is a welcome addition to the ever expanding Bansko restaurant scene.

You will see this and many other recommended restaurants in the new 2009 guide. Just sign up, confirm you a real person on the first email you will receive and you'll get the full 15 page guide. This includes those places I think you should avoid.

What do you think? Please comment below.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Bansko Mehana To Avoid; Vecelo Celo

Bansko Mehanas are full of traps for the unwary this year. Vecelo Celo is one to avoid. I need to warn everyone about this place on the traffic lights, just before the gondola - on the corner.

You won't miss it, as here's a picture of it above and here's another below.

Reports of excessive charging, over priced wine and indifferent service have come in.

From the outside it looks good. But don't be tempted to wander inside. There are many other great places I'll be reviewing over the next few weeks.

Or you can receive the top restaurant and bar recommendations. Bang up to date for the ski season when you subscribe for free. The new guide has 15 pages of info which will keep Bansko cheap for you in these credit crunch times.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bansko Ski, Board Hire and Lessons - Where To Go?

Where Should I Hire Skis, Boards and Boots? A question asked by most visitors to Bansko. And even if you've been many times, there are more places to choose from this season.

This article is an extract from "11 Little Known Ways To Get The Best Out Of Bansko" - complimentary to all subscribers.

This 15 page report will save you money when visiting Bansko in 2009.

Being close to the gondola is good, then you can walk back to your accommodation in comfortable shoes and not have to carry your board or skis.

Bansko Ski Mania: 115 Pirin Street opposite Fischer Shop. Tel 0888 788 859. Very helpful service from George, BDC: 10% discount SKI SCHOOL, RENTALS, GEAR. Emailing first with your requirements and negotiating discount is the best way. Here are 08/09 prices:


1 day

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

Ski, Boots, Sticks

30 lv.

80 lv.

110 lv.

120 lv.

130 lv.

Ski, Boots, Sticks (kids)

20 lv.

55 lv.

70 lv.

85 lv.

100 lv.

Ski, Sticks

20 lv.

55 lv.

70 lv.

85 lv.

100 lv.

Ski, Sticks (kids)

15 lv.

40 lv.

50 lv.

60 lv.

70 lv.

Boots, Sticks

15 lv.

40 lv.

50 lv.

60 lv.

70 lv.

Snowboard, Boots

30 lv.

80 lv.

110 lv.

120 lv.

130 lv.


20 lv.

55 lv.

70 lv.

85 lv.

100 lv.

Snowboard boots

15 lv.

40 lv.

50 lv.

60 lv.

70 lv.

VIP equipment (PER PERSON)

1 day

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

Ski, Boots, Sticks

40 lv.

110 lv.

130 lv.

150 lv.

180 lv.

Ski, Sticks

30 lv.

80 lv.

100 lv.

120 lv.

130 lv.

Snowboard, Boots

40 lv.

90 lv.

120 lv.

130 lv.

140 lv.


30 lv.

65 lv.

80 lv.

95 lv.

110 lv.

Tsakiris: Brand new shop. Tel: 0878169447. Just on right after right at lights just before gondola. Brand new ski, boards and boots. Negotiate price to 125 lev max per week for ski/bard and boots. Very helpful and friendly service.



1. Bansko Ski Mania offers ski lessons every day to suit all ages and abilities.

  • total beginner or very experienced
  • friendly and professional instructors will ensure that you have a memorable time in Bansko
  • operate with a maximum of 8 in a ski class - but classes usually go out with less than this).
  • internationally qualified Instructors who are all experienced professionals.


The Snowboard School offers instruction and coaching at all levels from beginner to freestyle. Whatever your standard or ability we can guarantee to improve your skills as well as ensure you have a great time.

We operate with a maximum of 8 in a snowboard class, as we feel this is a safe and professional maximum (however classes usually go out with less than this). All of our lessons are taught by Internationally qualified Instructors who are all experienced professionals.

All Instructors speak English, Greek, German, Russian languages.


1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

4 hours

120 lv.

220 lv.

310 lv.

380 lv.

460 lv.

500 lv.

2 hours

80 lv.

130 lv.

180 lv.

240 lv.

290 lv.

330 lv.


1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

4 hours

70 lv.

120 lv.

170 lv.

210 lv.

250 lv.

280 lv.

2 hours

50 lv.

80 lv.

120 lv.

150 lv.

170 lv.

190 lv.

Lessons. Again Bansko Ski Mania offer fair price and generally good instruction:

From their web site they say, "We operate with a maximum of 8 in a class. These run every day over the winter and are the most economical way to learn new skills in a fun and sociable environment. Group lessons are available all winter to everyone.

Group lessons usually run from 10-12am and 1-3pm with an hours break for."

2. Method Snow School. Tel: +359 24 900 966 . £150 for three hours. Expensive - but feedback is positive. Also equipment hire.

3. Ulen Ski School. The biggest by far. Variable quality of instruction. Some instructors very good indeed. Just go to gondola lift. Also hire in the gondola - but not a pleasant experience.

I once did this and found the service poor and the whole process all too hectic.

If its better now, then do let me know.