Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheapest Bansko transfer

There hasn't been a huge amount in the news this week to bring back the feel good factor. So I thought its time to do my bit to cheer up all those Bansko skiers. If you are looking to save as much money as possible this coming winter then read on.

In addition to the excellent value Bansko accommodation offers, it was time to get a special deal for my accommodation clients as well as all those who had already registered.

Luckily, the idea was given to me from a transfer company who had contacted me to offer an unbeatable transfer deal. As I had already used, and been very impressed with, the services of this company, it allowed me to offer readers some good news this weekend.

Why a Bansko transfer deal?

To help contribute to the running of this site, I have taken on a couple of properties from owners to offer for rental, but I am limiting it to just a few in number - so that I can be sure that the standard and location of the accommodation is up to, or better than, my own. Its also what I think blog readers are after. Both apartment owners and I, wanted to be sure it will be financially worthwhile renting via this blog site - as there are plenty of pure rental web sites.

One way to do get high rental rates for Bansko apartments is to offer unbeatable rental deals. Not just for the Bansko apartment rental, but also for the transfer element of the holiday as well. Virtually all non package holidays to Bansko, at the moment, require a private transfer (see last week's blog post

Cheapest Bansko transfer:



So, for a limited period for Mountain Residence 3, Grand Montana and Villa Daisy (two and three bedroom) apartments.


Sofia to Bansko and Bansko to Sofia for up to 4 people for just


for the whole two way private transfer
if there is four passengers that's just €30 total each !!


Note: Renting an apartment from me, via this web site, will not only save you money due to the low prices, but will help me continually improve this site. The vision is for the Bansko Accommodation Blog to be the one stop shop authority for getting the best out of Bansko all year round.

I am not sure how long this deal will last, so be sure to register to for this offer now.


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