Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Happy End Rocks Bansko

The Happy End Bar in Bansko rocked with the sounds of awake on Friday. Click play above to hear their rendition of "Paint It Black" from the Stones.

The Happy End Bar could be an obvious place to avoid - being situated opposite the gondola. But as reported here before, it may just be the best music night out you'll have in Bansko.

If you like rock in the form of Led
Zep, Stones, Hendrix. And grunge, like Nirvana then you won't be disappointed. Awake not only performed the well known standards, but also play their own music - which was rather good. I can see why they received the BG Radio Award ( for all the the band's history) and are busy touring not just Bulgaria but Europe as well.

As for the Happy End - It's best on a Friday and Saturday night to see a live band. There are usually a number of different live acts during the ski season. So do comment if you have seen other bands that impressed.

Expect mediocre food at inflated prices. The Happy End "
sache" (mixed grill) is okay and be sure to look at the weight in grammes of the food. Often one dish will serve three people.

Service can be of the non smiling variety - but our waitress was rather good this time. More reports please.

With a DJ who keeps the atmosphere and dancing going during the break, and dancers to add that extra "something" be prepared to enjoy a great night.

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Steve Farrall said...

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