Monday, November 17, 2008

Will The Bansko Discount Card Save You Money?

Today The Bansko Discount Card is launched. The money saving idea from GS Properties is ready to buy. For Euro 20 (Leva 40), you own your Bansko Discount Card ("BDC").

How much will I save?

Early indications are that, with one Bansko Discount Card covering discounts for two people, is that you will save enough to warrant the purchase of a card for just one week stay in Bansko.

I will do the maths in more detail another day; but if any readers would like a go, then please comment at the end of this post.

How does it work?

After you have purchased the card, you're ready to use it. Just look for the BDC sticker that indicates a participating outlet or advertised on the web sites of hotels, furniture, Bansko transfer companies, activity company and a wide range of Bansko services websites.

The savings seem to be around 10%.

The list is already long (see below). Colin and Duncan tell me the number of participants is growing very rapidly and so far it covers the following things:

Ski lessons, Ski & Board hire, Ski Boot clothes hire, Hotel reservations, Spa
facilities, Airport transfers, Rent-a-car hire, ATV (Four wheel motorcycle hire), Bars & nightclubs, Mehanas & restaurants, Pizzerias, Excursions incl. Hiking, Walking, Pony Trekking, White Water Rafting, Fishing, Paint balling, trips to monuments, historical sites, and visits to vineyards, Discounts at Ski / High St clothes shops, Supermarkets, Jewellery shops, Doctors, Lawyers, Furniture purchases.

The Bansko Discount Card is valid until 30th November 2009.

Look for the Bansko Discount Card sticker at locations across the town, and produce your Bansko Discount Card to claim the discount on offer.

So far the list of participating companies, outlets, restaurants, bars, ski hire etc click here:

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