Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Which Bulgarian Wine And Beer Is Best?

It’s not widely recognized that Bulgaria produces world class wine. They fail to hit the price points for exporting quality wine.

But fear not, when in Bulgaria you will be spoilt for choice.

Tip: Chardonnay and Muscat (Muscadet) seem to be the best white wines (check out Menada’s Trinity white wine).

The top 20 wines for the Bulgarian Wine of the Year 2008 were (in alphabetical order): Those in bold I have tried, and like a lot!

Chateau de Val Cuvee Trophy 2006 (Chateau de Val)
Encore 2007 (Katarzyna Estate)
Enira Reserva 2006 (Bessa Valley)
Levent Grand Selection chardonnay 2007 (VK Rousse)
Levent Grand Selection 2006 (VK Rousse)
Maxxima Private Reserva 2003 (Maxxima Cellars)
Minkov Brothers Cuvee 2007 (Sis Industries)
Nobile Rubin 2006 (Logodaj)
Question Mark 2007 (Katarzyna Estate)
Roto 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Rubaiyat chardonnay 2006 (Vinex Preslav)
Santa Sarah BIN41 merlot 2007 (Santa Sarah)
Santa Sarah Privat 2006 (Santa Sarah)
Santa Sarah Snow Wine 2005 (Santa Sarah)
Solitaire Elenovo merlot 2006 (Domaine Boyar)
Terra Tangra Cuvee 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Terra Tangra Grand Reserva 2006 (Terra Tangra)
Uniqato Rubin 2006 (Damianitza) Via Diagonalis 2007 (Kastra Rubra)
Vinissimo American Barrel 2006 (Rachev & Son).

For 2009, try Maxxima and No Man’s Land is consistently excellent. It’s affordable and sold in Bansko supermarkets.

For every day wine, Telish and Mezeek in a box with the equivalent to four bottles is perfect for apartment ski holiday red wine drinking in Metro, they both cost just 17 lev (€8.50 approx). That’s €2.25 per botthle. Stunning value for a wine of this quality


Shumensko (begins with a "W" in Cyrillic), Zagorka, Pirinsko, Tuborg, Kamenitsa are my favourites in that order.

Do try the dark "Stolichno" beer for a good strong flavour.

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